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Douglas P. Fremont, P.A. offers real-world, pragmatic yet appropriate business and personal legal support for your reality.

General Commercial

Mr. Fremont, PA, is equipped to handle domestic and international commercial contract negotiations, dispute resolution, as well as other general commercial matters.

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Personal Injury

If you or your business have suffered loss due to third party fraud, breach of contractual obligations, negligence or malicious acts, the representation of an experienced, adept and knowledgeable attorney is crucial to your compensation.

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Compliance Training

attorney douglas p. fremont, p.a. in florida

In additional to expert FCPA risk mitigation compliance training, Mr. Fremont, who has extensive international experience in this area, offers practical general code of conduct compliance training, with lively delivery that will keep your employees attentive and engaged.

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FCPA Risk Mitigation

With real world FCPA risk mitigation experience, Mr. Fremont offers lessons to implement strategies to protect your business and resolve FCPA issues.

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