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FCPA Risk Mitigation

Real World FCPA Risk Mitigation Strategies from a Real World Attorney

Douglas P. Fremont has real world experience advising companies operating in high risk markets how to mitigate civil and criminal legal exposure under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, exposure for both the companies and their executives.

Did you know that under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the U.K. Bribery Act, not only can a company and its executives be held accountable for corrupt actions of its employees, but also for those of any third party who acts as a company agent, broker, distributor or representative?

To diminish the risk of corporate and individual liability, the process for selecting third party business for your business to be involved with should be diligent, and documented. Douglas Fremont offers sensible practical guidance on how to substantially mitigate FCPA risk for your company as well as its executives and employees.

Mr. Fremont has years of experience mitigating bribery, money laundering and general code of conduct risks for US and UK companies stemming from their overseas operations. Put his experience and practical effective approaches to work for you and your company.

Learn the necessary strategies to mitigate international or domestic FCPA risks by contacting Douglas P. Fremont today.
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